Netprotect is an independent system integrator, and we shape the network future of IT business and create value for our customers.

Netprotect provides total security package solutions to all his customers.

We participate in all scale projects that require design of a powerful yet simple to use system that often combines the use of more than 1 product range.

Powered by qualified and experienced IT professionals, Netprotect supports its customers through a country-wide network and delivers an extensive portfolio of systems integration solutions to enable businesses to operate more efficiently.

This is made possible by the highly developed skills in consulting and integration to meet the targeted business goals.

Focus and dedicated resources for cost effectiveness, quality delivery and services

Competitive price driven by effective operation and focused resources




By maintaining social, ethical and organisational norms, we firmly adhere to codes of acceptable conduct and professional ethical principles.


By providing consultation, advice and decision making with professionalism based on established facts and rationale, and devoid of any personal or conflict of interest and bias.


By taking prompt action to accomplish objectives; anticipating challenges and identifying early solutions; taking action to achieve goals beyond what is required or expected.


We grow as a reputable cyberdefense technology lab that produces advanced tecnology to neutralize, damage and destroy hostile attacks from organized agents.